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Child custody is primarily defined as determinations that involve a minor child. Such determinations include making decisions on who has the right to make decisions about the minor or legal custody. This is inclusive of decisions on education, medical matters, religion, discipline as well as where the child will live, what is commonly referred to as physical custody. In the event that a custody arrangement is in place and one of the parents have intentions of modifying it, they will have to prove that there has been a notable material change in circumstances. This should be significant enough to make the courts change their decisions. As could be the case where one parent is moving to another state and want to take the child with them, during a divorce or in cases that one parent cannot cater to the child sufficiently. In such cases, the need for a child custody attorney is much needed.

There are many divorce lawyers in Brooklyn. Finding the right Brooklyn Child Custody lawyer, one who fights tirelessly and negotiates for your best outcome is important. Theodore Alatsas has earned the reputation of being one of the best Child Custody law firms in Brooklyn.

At Alatsas Law Firm, We are Experienced New York Child Custody Attorneys

First, we at Alatsas Law Firm are experienced New York Child Custody attorneys. We have a proven record of excellence. An experienced attorney will provide you with the much needed legal advice to help you through the process.

Always remember that, child custody is arrived at after careful considerations. It is a legally binding agreement that is permanent for stability of the child. This means that changing the agreement can be quite hard, and you need New York Child attorney who is nothing short of competent and thorough to help you through the process.