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What Tenants Need to Know About the Eviction Moratorium Due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down in pretty much every way, including for the residential housing market and the relationships between landlords and tenants. This is a big deal in New York City because about two-thirds of the city’s population (approximately 5.4 million people) are renters. If you are a landlord or a […]

Navigating the World of Child Custody During Quarantine in Coronavirus

For some families, hunkering down at home in remaining in quarantine isn’t much of a challenge at all. However, it’s often an entirely different story for families dealing with complex child custody arrangements. Here is a guide for how to navigate child custody rules while also taking precautions for coronavirus and keeping your children safe. […]

Coronavirus-Related Elder Scams You Should Know About

At Alatsas Law Firm, it saddens and sickens us when ill-spirited people take advantage of the elderly and try to con older adults out of money and other resources. This is especially troubling when many seniors are feeling afraid and uncertain about their futures, such as during this coronavirus pandemic that we are all living […]

What the Family First Bill Means for Families Affected by COVID-19

The current coronavirus pandemic is hitting families in the New York area particularly hard and making life much more of a challenge than it normally is. In response, the federal government passed the Family First Bill, officially known as the H.R. 6201 – Families First Coronavirus Response Act, to help alleviate some of the burdens […]

How to Keep Your Senior Loved One Safe During the Coronavirus

We are living in uncertain and unsettling times, especially if you are an older adult or have a beloved senior in your life. Much of the research about coronavirus suggests that the elderly are at a heightened risk, regardless of whether seniors live at home or at a nursing home or assisted living facility. At […]

Life After Divorce: How to Get Back on Your Feet After Splitting Up

After finalizing a divorce, many people find themselves lost and spiraling out of control financially, socially, and emotionally. To start over after divorce takes courage, determination, and often help from many different places. To address these common challenges, this article will discuss the next steps for an individual after finalizing a divorce and how to […]

10 Co-Parenting Tips After a Divorce

Regardless of how long you’ve been married, divorce is rarely easy. The process of going through a divorce takes its toll on even the most reasonable and cooperative couples, and this process becomes even more complex if there are children involved. However, research shows that most children benefit from having both parents in their lives […]

Can You Appeal a Child Custody Ruling and the Legal Grounds for Doing So

In child custody matters, family courts aim to make rulings that are in the best interests of the child, even if parents can’t come to an agreement on what that is. However, there are certain legal circumstances that can justify the appeal of a child custody decision and taking the matter to the next level […]

How to Get Retirement Planning Help for Seniors

As older adults transition from employment to retirement and settle into new routines, there are many different things to think about and plan ahead for. For example, there are numerous benefits to having a well-thought-out retirement plan and taking the necessary steps to properly and safely retire. Here is an overview of the most important […]

How to Help the Senior You Love with Nursing Home Care Planning

Did you know that the average annual cost of living in a nursing home in New York is over $100,000 per year? How to pay for nursing home care is one of the biggest worries on the minds of seniors and their caregivers today, which is why proper planning is needed to cover high nursing […]