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Homeschooling Tips for Parents During the Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise again, schools are being kept shut down and parents are being expected to educate their children at home. This is very challenging for parents who do not have an educational background, who work full-time jobs, and who have children who learn best in a structured school environment.

As a resource for parents with school-age children during the pandemic, here are some homeschooling tips to keep in mind.

Start Lessons First Thing in the Morning

Both kids and adults tend to be fresher and more focused first thing in the morning, so plan to do your homeschooling lessons just after breakfast rather than pushing them off for later in the day. This allows time in the afternoon for playtime, outdoor recreation, or taking care of appointments.

Establish a Schedule Right Away

Kids thrive on routines, so it’s a good idea to create a homeschooling schedule as soon as you know you’ll need to homeschool your children so that they can get used to the concept. Consider modeling your day after a traditional school environment with different subjects studied at specific times so that studying at home comes more naturally.

Remember Teachers are Resources

Some parents feel like they’ve been abandoned by the school system and are all alone in trying to homeschool their kids. However, classroom teachers should still be used as valuable resources who can offer homeschooling advice, tips, and tutoring as needed. Establish open lines of communication with teachers for an easier transition into homeschooling.

Use Reliable Online Resources

In addition to teachers, there are also many online resources that are useful for parents trying to homeschool kids for the first time. These include YouTube channels like Crash Course Kids and SciShow Kids, math worksheets from, and online courses from Khan Academy. There are also apps that your children’s teachers may recommend to engage students in modern ways.

Take Plenty of Breaks

However, it is important to keep your homeschooling expectations realistic and don’t force it on yourself or your children when it becomes too overwhelming and frustrating. This is a challenging time for both parents and children, so make sure to take frequent breaks during homeschooling days for snacks, outdoor playtime, arts and crafts, naps, and to simply relax and talk about concerns.

Homeschooling in a Dual-Custody Situation

The process of homeschooling becomes even more complicated when parents have divorced and a dual-custody situation is in place. Parents who are no longer living together must coordinate with each other to conduct academic lessons around schedules and teaching styles that may conflict. It’s important to communicate with your ex-spouse about who will be handling which subjects, following up with classroom teachers, overseeing homework, and administering quizzes.

A judge may decide that one parent is unfit to educate a child and therefore grant additional custody rights to the other parent so that he or she can provide quality education at home. An amended child custody order may be needed during the pandemic to facilitate education-related changes if they are in the best interests of the child.

Legal Help with Your Child Custody Matter

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