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Do You Need a New York Divorce Lawyer?

In some cases, you and your spouse may be able to work the sticky issues with or without a third party mediator. In doing so, you keep control over important matters like how your children will be raised, how the property will be divided, and what happens to the family home. More importantly, if you […]

New York Custody Process

If you live in New York and are going through the child custody process, you know that it can be a trying, uncomfortable time. With the services of a trustworthy, effective New York child custody lawyer, and some background information about the process, you can take comfort in knowing that you are doing exactly what is […]

Hiring A Good Brooklyn Family Lawyer

Going through divorce, child custody, or other domestic disputes is never an easy thing to endure.  You can end up feeling frustrated, angry, betrayed, and confused, and this does not help you prepare for and deal with the challenges and obstacles you may be facing.  When your domestic situations end up in front of a […]

Divorce Statistics in New York City and Long Island

The state of New York added a “no-fault” ground for divorce in October 2011, eliminating the legal requirement that one of the parties to the divorce accept blame or responsibility for the breakdown of the marriage.  Prior to the addition of the no-fault ground, the three most commonly cited reasons for seeking divorce were abandonment, […]

What You Need to Know About Split Custody

In the recent past, more couples are coming up with split custody arrangements as part of their divorce agreement.  While many people who are divorcing would prefer a full custody arrangement where they would be allowed to keep the children while the other spouse is allowed a regular visitation and is required to pay child […]

Family Court Lawyers in Brooklyn

Family court lawyers in Brooklyn entail professionals in family law ready to help any family experiencing various family related problems. These problems include child custody, divorce, child support; child visitation, domestic violence, and marital assets just to mention a few.

Cost of a New York Divorce: Get the Help of a New York Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a difficult process. Don’t make it harder on yourself by trying to tackle a tough situation all alone. Hiring a New York divorce lawyer is the smartest choice to make in order to assist you in making this arduous time a much simpler one.

How is Alimony Calculated

Alimony is the support one provides to their spouse following a separation through a divorce. It is also referred to as spousal support and maintenance. Alimony can be negotiated between two litigating parties by hiring an alimony lawyer in New York or be settled in court.

Content of Pre-Nuptial Agreements

It would seem it’s the most feared document in a marriage, and often viewed as a sanction to the cost of infidelity. The opposite is true. Pre-nuptial agreements, otherwise referred to as prenup, are a statement of how financial assets will be divided in the event of a divorce. It is usually a prudent choice […]

Prepare Yourself for Child Custody Battles

Going through a divorce is difficult on anyone, but most especially for a child. When the child is young it is not always possible to understand what is happening between the two parents, and it is exactly why the care of the child is so vital, moving on from the divorce. It is also why […]