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The Importance of Legal Guardians and How to Choose a Guardian for Your Child

Many people think of a will as a document that sets forth who will get money and property after someone passes away, but a huge component of a will involves financial support and guardianship of minor children in the event of an untimely death. This is something that no parent wants to think about, but […]

What Is a Codicil, and How Is It Used to Change a Last Will and Testament?

One of the best things you can do to plan for your future and take care of your loved ones is to establish a last will and testament. However, circumstances in your life may change over time and render your original will specifications to be irrelevant or undesirable. You can make changes and updates to […]

How Sugar Consumption Affects Aging

A poor, non-nutritional diet, particularly one high in sugar can have disastrous consequences for overall health particularly in our more senior years. The sugar effect is cumulative and some of the bodily harm sugar causes can take months or years to undo if it can be undone at all. The more diet disciplined you are […]

Understanding the Purpose and Uses of a Character Reference Letter for Court

Many people think of reference letters when they are applying for a new job and need to prove their credentials in pursuit of a career. However, character reference letters are also used in the legal system to help a judge or jury get to know an involved party on a more personal basis. This article […]

Tips for Creating a Child Visitation Schedule After a Divorce

One of the most challenging aspects of life following a divorce or legal separation is establishing a steady and safe routine for your kids. This is why it’s so important to create a child custody calendar that both you and your ex-spouse can agree to at an early stage in the legal process. Here are […]

The Tax Implications of Split Custody for a Qualifying Dependent

Child custody matters are complex and affect many different aspects of life following a couple’s divorce or legal separation. For example, if ex-spouses agree on split custody of a qualifying dependent, the amount of taxes each person pays may change. This is because claiming a child as a dependent can result in significant tax deductions […]

How to Get a Temporary Custody Order for a Child in an Emergency Situation

While most child custody matters are conducted civilly and on a non-urgent basis, these types of cases must sometimes be expedited because of the health and safety of a child. In these situations, a temporary custody order may be the best option while a more permanent custody plan is still being established. This article will […]

How Seniors Can Shop Safer

When we think of shopping, there are certain risks that are always a possibility. Unfortunately, seniors are often more vulnerable to these risks. Criminals are targeting shoppers, both in stores and online. Below are some tips to help senior shoppers stay safe whether shopping with mobility issues, shopping in general, or shopping online. General Shopping […]

How to Deal with Age Discrimination

Age discrimination in the workplace is a problem that has been addressed by lawmakers since the 1960s but continues to be a serious problem. According to, age discrimination is defined as “the practice of letting a person’s age unfairly become a factor when deciding who receives a new job, promotion, or other job benefits. […]

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Life plan communities — often referred to as continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) — are an increasingly popular choice of aging Americans. These communities offer the array of care options necessary as seniors move through the stages of aging that include independent or assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. Beyond health care CCRCs offer […]