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Isolation Could Increase the Risk of Elder Abuse

As some of the most vulnerable Americans to the COVID-19 pandemic, older adults are staying at home to lower their risk of infection as the coronavirus spreads throughout communities. The American Bar Association (ABA) reports that an unfortunate outgrowth from this isolation is an increase in risk factors for elder abuse, exploitation, and neglect. Senior […]

Navigating the Intricacies of Same Sex Divorce

Divorce raises many issues between a couple looking to end their relationships, such as child support, spousal support, child custody, and property division. However, these issues are often gendered and have traditionally been viewed through a heterosexual lens. This article explores the intricacies of same-sex divorce and explains why it’s important to have an attorney […]

Estate Planning Goes Virtual

As you have probably heard by now, keeping physical distance between us is crucial to stop this virus. Call or email us to find out how we can help you complete your estate plan without taking a single step outside your safe home. Formerly, most states required that important legal documents must be signed in […]

How a Good Family Connection is Part of Health Aging

One cannot overstate the importance of family presence in a senior’s life. Family creates a consistent social network and connection that directly impacts the senior’s overall quality of life. Prioritizing family relationships provides continuity as a senior experiences change in their social network. Friends may change, become ill and unavailable, or even pass away, but […]

How to Protect Your Retirement During a Pandemic-Era Grey Divorce

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused so many changes throughout the world, and legal rulings are certainly not immune to its effects. The added stresses of an uncertain economy, rising healthcare costs, and quarantine procedures are leading more couples of all ages into divorce. This article will address the issues faced in a grey divorce during […]

The Sandwich Generation and the Stress of Caregiving

Dorothy Miller, a social worker, first created the term “sandwich generation” in 1981. A Journalist, Carol Abaya, continued to study and add to what the term means. In 2006, Miriam Webster included the term, sandwich generation, in the dictionary for the first time.  The sandwich generation is defined as a generation of people who care […]

What Tenants Need to Know About the Eviction Moratorium Due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down in pretty much every way, including for the residential housing market and the relationships between landlords and tenants. This is a big deal in New York City because about two-thirds of the city’s population (approximately 5.4 million people) are renters. If you are a landlord or a […]

Is a Medicaid Divorce a Good Option for You?

Harry and Wanda got married late in life. This was their second marriage, and both had children from the prior marriages. The couple wanted their children to inherit from their respective parents, so Harry and Wanda signed a prenuptial agreement to keep their property clearly separated. Unfortunately, Harry was then diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Medical bills […]

Navigating the World of Child Custody During Quarantine in Coronavirus

For some families, hunkering down at home in remaining in quarantine isn’t much of a challenge at all. However, it’s often an entirely different story for families dealing with complex child custody arrangements. Here is a guide for how to navigate child custody rules while also taking precautions for coronavirus and keeping your children safe. […]

Protecting Those Close to You

Now especially, it is crucial to be prepared if you or someone in your family gets so sick they can’t make decisions about health care or finances. Banks, insurance companies, and medical providers will not listen to what another person says about what you need, not without up-to-date legal documents. But how are you, or […]