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Prenups Are Not Just for the Wealthy

George and Ginny had a great marriage, with an extended family to whom they wanted to leave everything when they passed. Unfortunately, Ginny was then diagnosed with cancer. She began to worry: What could happen if she died before George did, and George remarried? Or vice versa? What if the second spouse started pushing to […]

Understanding the Purpose and Uses of a Character Reference Letter for Court

Many people think of reference letters when they are applying for a new job and need to prove their credentials in pursuit of a career. However, character reference letters are also used in the legal system to help a judge or jury get to know an involved party on a more personal basis. This article […]

What to Know about The Hague Convention for Anyone Considering International Adoption

Adopting a child from another country can be a very rewarding and enriching experience for both the parents and the child involved. However, the international adoption process is quite complex and involves a thorough understanding of The Hague Convention and what this concept entails. For prospective parents considering international adoption, here is an overview of […]