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What the Family First Bill Means for Families Affected by COVID-19

The current coronavirus pandemic is hitting families in the New York area particularly hard and making life much more of a challenge than it normally is. In response, the federal government passed the Family First Bill, officially known as the H.R. 6201 – Families First Coronavirus Response Act, to help alleviate some of the burdens […]

Prenups Are Not Just for the Wealthy

George and Ginny had a great marriage, with an extended family to whom they wanted to leave everything when they passed. Unfortunately, Ginny was then diagnosed with cancer. She began to worry: What could happen if she died before George did, and George remarried? Or vice versa? What if the second spouse started pushing to […]

Grandparent Visitation Rights: What Rights Do Grandparents Have?

As a grandparent, you may enjoy spending time with your grandchildren. You may have them over for frequent sleepovers, take them on vacations, pay for sports activities and buy gifts. You may have developed a strong bond with them. But then the parents split up. One parent may get custody of the children and move […]

How to Prepare for Family Court

Family court lawyers in Brooklyn recommend that you prepare yourselves adequately before appearing in a family court. Whether it is for divorce or child custody, the ruling often favors a prepared party. Having basic knowledge of the proceedings of family court helps avoid the frustration that comes with the event.

Did the Princeton Son Kill his Hedge-Fund Father?

In January of this year, New York society was shocked when it was discovered that the murder of hedge-fund manager Thomas Gilbert, Sr. was purportedly committed by his 30-year-old son. The Princeton graduate, who carries his deceased father’s namesake, had gone to his parents’ home and asked his mother to pick him up a sandwich. […]

5 Things You Should Know About Family Court

Divorce is a time of upheaval. There are uncertainties about property, finances and family issues. Changes in the family structure can create emotional upset for all involved.

Hiring A Good Brooklyn Family Lawyer

Going through divorce, child custody, or other domestic disputes is never an easy thing to endure.  You can end up feeling frustrated, angry, betrayed, and confused, and this does not help you prepare for and deal with the challenges and obstacles you may be facing.  When your domestic situations end up in front of a […]

Family Court Lawyers in Brooklyn

Family court lawyers in Brooklyn entail professionals in family law ready to help any family experiencing various family related problems. These problems include child custody, divorce, child support; child visitation, domestic violence, and marital assets just to mention a few.

How to File Legal Separation

Legal separation is a court ruling indicating that a married couple is permitted to live apart while continuing to have the same rights and obligations as a divorced couple. There are two ways to file legal separation in the state of New York: a couple may agree to separation or one spouse can ask for […]