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Working from Home Tips for Spouses During Quarantine

Working from home has been a growing trend for people in a variety of industries in recent years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced more employees into work-at-home situations than ever before. Certain types of people thrive professionally while working from home, but this arrangement can become more complicated when spouses are suddenly working together in the same household.

To help you survive this quarantine time with your job and relationship intact, here are some working from home tips to consider.

Set Up Designated Work Areas

When you are used to working outside of the house and in an office, you have a certain amount of personal space to focus and be productive. One working from home tip is to set up designated work areas in different parts of the house so that you can maintain your own space with fewer distractions. This is especially important if one spouse is frequently on phone calls or likes to play loud music while working.

Take Personal Breaks

It’s easy to feel like you’re living on top of each other and having way too much contact when you live and work with someone at the same time. This is why it’s important to take solo breaks that are just for you to get away from both work and your spouse for a bit. This can be as simple as taking a walk by yourself around the block, sitting outside to get some fresh air or video chatting with a good friend.

Come Together for Lunch

However, communication in a relationship is very important during these uncertain times when we need each other so much. Quarantine time at home can be looked at as an opportunity to improve upon your relationship and spend more quality time together. Another working from home tip is to plan lunch breaks together at home so that you can talk about everything you need to then rather than interrupting your spouse at other times of the workday.

Practice Good Communication in a Relationship

While working together at home, too much communication is distracting but too little communication leads to misunderstanding and arguments. Strike a balance by establishing do-not-disturb office hours and sticking to them to identify times when you are available to chat. Also, consider online messaging or texting each other rather than interrupting the other person’s work as a less intrusive way of communicating throughout the workday.

De-stress in Healthy Ways

Getting used to a new work-at-home schedule, knowing when to turn off your computer for the day, and having less personal time to yourself can all contribute to added stress in your life. Therefore, it’s important to reduce stress in ways that are healthy and relaxing rather than lashing out at your significant other. Suggestions include taking a 10-minute break in the day to do yoga, downloading a meditation app and meditating for five minutes a day, going for a walk to blow off steam, of channeling your pent-up energy into a hobby that you love.

Seek Legal Help When You Need It

We certainly hope that working from home with your spouse does not lead to an unbearable strain on your marriage. But if you need legal help with divorce, child custody, family law, or asset protection, we are here for you.

We are available by phone, email, and online chat for free, confidential, and no-obligation consultations, and we look forward to helping you in any way that we can.