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How Divorce Impacts Your Children

When hiring a New York divorce attorney one of the first thoughts you may have is the feelings of your children. Children are the ones most affected by a divorce aside from the parents themselves. Keep in mind the following effect divorce can have on your children and what to do if they become distressed by their parents separating.

Explain the Coming Changes

Children are creatures of habit. Any sudden and unexpected changes to their daily lives can have a profound effect. When you’re consulting a New York divorce attorney it’s already past the point where you can hide the truth. Children deserve to know why their parents are separating. Now they don’t need all the details just a direct and simple explanation. Be frank about the fact some aspects of their lives will be different, while other parts will remain the same. Lastly, while it may sound simple remind your children that you love them.

Don’t Assign Blame

According to a New York divorce attorney, one of the worst things divorcing parents can do is start assigning blame. Do not be critical of your soon to be ex-spouse. When children see this they feel they have to take a side and may resent one parent because of this. Also they may very well start thinking they did something wrong. In most cases the one thing most divorcing couples can agree upon is they still love their children. So if possible plan everything out with your spouse and explain things as a team. Always show respect and restraint when talking about your spouse while you’re explaining the divorce.

Helping With Depression

In such a stressful and confusing time it is only natural for children to be confused and depressed. Above all listen to your children and help them open up about what they are feeling. One of the best things you can do is reassure them. Remind them that both parents still love them and will be there for them. These are trying times for any parent, and professional advice from a New York divorce attorney can help.

Help from a New York Divorce Attorney

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