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Stephanie Fanfan

Senior Paralegal
  • Theodore Alatsas
  • 2115 Avenue U, Brooklyn, New York 11229
  • 718-233-2903

As the firm's Executive director of the Estate Planning Division, and an experienced paralegal, Stephanie Fanfan assist client with the drafting of documents, coordination of funding, and general estate planning inquiries.  Stephanie's work is not limited to estate planning, as her work includes supervision and preparation of the firm's probate and administration matters, as well as document preparation in other aspects of the firm's caseload.

Stephanie became a paralegal because of her varied personal interests, and her overarching desire to help and assist people in their times of need.  Having always been interested in education and gathering information, Stephanie's experiences as a paralegal have fostered a continued desire to keep clients informed of their rights and responsibilities under the law.

An avid reader of poetry, Stephanie's other interests include languages.  Presently, she speaks four languages including English, French, French Creole and conversational Korean.