The Workshop.

Attending one of our free estate planning workshops is a great way to educate yourself about the pitfalls of letting the government's rules for what happens to your estate and how to make your estate plan reflect what you want to happen to your stuff.  Learn the three steps to protecting your stuff, as well the difference between revocable and irrevocable trusts.  Anchoring estate planning concepts with memorable stories, you begin to learn how a proper estate plan can protect your lifetime of hard work from the high cost of long term care, from your predators and creditors, and from the unintended consequences of a lack of planning.  The best part - by attending one of our workshops, you receive a free gift! - a free vision meeting on us (a $500 value)!

The Vision Meeting.

At the Vision Meeting, we review your existing estate plan, if you have one, and offer an analysis of whether it fits your needs.  If you don't have an estate plan, we assess what you need, and offer you three potential options, explaining the benefits and true costs of each.  You are under no obligation to follow any of these options, but we are sure you will walk away with valuable insight into what you may need to do to protect your assets and plan your estate.

The Design Meeting.

This when real decisions are made.  Deciding to do an estate plan is just the first step.  At the design meeting, we go over the most important choices you will be making:

                  who's in charge and when?

                  who gets what you have, when and under what conditions?

                  who will make decisions for you if you become incapacitated?

                  who will be your executor, trustee, power of attorney, health care proxy?

                  what happens if no one is left?

                  what happens if your spouse remarries?  or if your kids get divorced?

With the information gathered and discussed at the design meeting, your estate plan is well on its way to preparation, and you will know that it will reflect what you want it to say.

The Signing Meeting.

At the signing meeting, you will have the opportunity to review the final draft of your documents.  Getting to the signing meeting, we may have met once or twice since your design meeting to go over the documents, discuss possible changes or additional terms.  Once we are ready to execute the documents, your estate plan comes to fruition.  

The Funding Review Meeting.

This is the final meeting in our estate planning process.  By now we have assisted you with the transfer of any real property, and prepared funding documents to assist you with putting your stuff into your plan.  What this means is that your plan is now a fully functioning, integrated plan, that will ensure that everything goes to who you want, when you want it.