The Last Will and Testament Plan

When a person dies without a will, they leave the disposition of their assets to statutory provisions devised by legislators who have little to no understanding of that person’s family.  Perhaps one child is better established financially, and needs less from the estate than another child, who, for whatever reason, requires more economic assistance.  Maybe there is a minor child for whom money must be set aside if you’re gone.  Leaving these concerns to the whims of a court guided only by a predetermined set of rules, can be a mistake – one that can be avoided with our Last Will and Testament Plan.

What is the Last Will and Testament Plan?will

Our Last Will and Testament Plan is a carefully designed estate planning tool that creates specific directions for what happens to your estate when you’re gone.  With the appointment of an executor to manage your affairs, you are able to dispose of your assets as you see fit.  After evaluating your estate and goals, our recommendations will consider the most orderly and efficient disposition of your estate, so that when you’ve executed all of your documents, you can rest confidently with the knowledge that it has all been taken care of.

We start with Last Will and Testament, the cornerstone of the plan.  This is the document that reflects your wishes when you’re gone.  We support the Will with additional documents that are essential for any estate plan – a Durable Power of Attorney that provides you with the confidence of knowing that your affairs will be managed should you become incapacitated either temporarily or permanently, a Health Care Proxy and Living Will to address your health care concerns, as well as other documents relating to your estate.

Our Last Will and Testament Plan is the basic starting point for any estate, the bare minimum for someone just starting out with a family, and a vital tool to avoid the perils of intestacy.


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