Asset protection is a financial planning tool designed to help you protect your assets from creditors and claims. It is beneficial for both individuals and businesses as a way to safeguard wealth from taxation, loss, and seizure.

At Alatsas Law Firm, we specialize in helping you retain your wealth for yourself and your heirs. We do this through asset protection trusts, family limited partnerships, accounts receivable financing, real estate gifting, strategic bank accounts, and other financial resources.

Protection Against Creditors

A major reason why New Yorkers need asset protection is from creditors who have claims against their assets. For example, if you default on a bank loan, this could result in a claim against your assets.

Protection in a Divorce

Asset protection is essential if you are going through a divorce because the legal process helps determine how assets are divided up based upon fairness, need, and ownership rights. Those who have children from a prior marriage, own their own business, or have benefitted from a previous inheritance must be particularly cautious.

Accident Protection

If you invite a guest to your home and that guest is injured, you could be sued. The same is true if you are involved in a car accident. Lawsuits can be filed against people due to lack of insurance or when only limited coverage is provided. All of these are great reasons to have a comprehensive asset protection plan in place.

Protect Assets From Long-Term Care Costs

We also help clients protect their assets while drafting estate planning documents so that property and possessions go to the rightful heirs. Asset protection is necessary to evaluate your assets and also to prepare for nursing home and long-term care costs. Many seniors don’t realize that they can be sued by Medicaid for nursing home costs.

Minimize Burdens for Your Heirs

Asset protection is a key component of tax planning to help you minimize taxation on your estate. We know how to utilize state and federal tax laws to retain as much of your wealth as possible—allowing your loved ones to maintain their current standard of living after you are gone. With the help of an asset protection attorney at Alatsas Law Firm, you can rest assured that the fate of your money won’t get tied up in court or in a lengthy probate process.

Provide Protection for Business Assets

People who own businesses can be sued by a partner or business associate, as well as by another business owner or any of their customers. Business-related lawsuits can also occur if you are the shareholder of a business and are sued by other shareholders or if you are a corporate officer or director of a business and held personally liable for corporate liabilities despite the established limited liability component of the corporation.

Avoid Professional Liability

Individuals in certain industries are more likely to be sued due to the nature of their work. For example, accountants, real estate agents, doctors, and nurses all have a high risk of facing legal action due to accusations of fraud, negligence, or professional malpractice. Even with insurance in place, their personal assets can still be at risk if the damages exceed the limits of the policy.

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