Serving Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, our family law and asset protection attorney provides the guidance you need to make educated decisions about your future. At Alatsas Law Firm, we assist clients with a wide range of legal concerns, including child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, premarital arrangements, estate planning, Medicaid planning, and long-term care planning.

Elder LawElder Law

senior planning law firm in brookly new yorkGrowing older is a fact of life, but proper planning can help ensure that you’re able to make the most of each day. Alatsas Law Firm assists residents of Brooklyn and the surrounding areas with a wide range of elder law concerns, from estate planning to long-term care planning, retirement planning, and Social Security planning. We encourage seniors and their loved ones to proactively address these issues so they are best equipped to handle any age-related challenges that may occur.

Estate Planning, Wills & TrustsEstate Planning, Wills & Trusts

Last Will and Testatament is the cornerstone of estate plan, determines property inheritance, excludes certain assets, appoints executor and guardian for minor children, user-friendly format, minimizes disputes, avoids intestate succession rules  With a Trust, a trustee oversees assets for beneficiary, protects assets from creditors/judgments, minimizes taxes/probate process/personal privacy, controls beneficiary spending, supports special needs individuals/charitable giving.  A Power of Attorney, either financial/healthcare types grant decision-making authority in case of incapacitation.  Estate planning attorney Theodore Alatsas offers estate plan creation/update services, advises regular document review for life events/tax law changes.


Asset ProtectionAsset Protection

You’ve worked hard to ensure financial stability for yourself and your loved ones. However, unless you have an asset protection plan in place, your wealth is at risk of taxation, loss, and seizure. Your spouse could claim assets in a divorce, the bank could come after assets if you default on a loan, or you could be sued for a car accident or slip and fall on your property. Let Alatsas Law Firm help you create a plan to safeguard your assets so you can continue enjoying the high standard of living you deserve.

Probate, Estate & Trust Administration

Our Brooklyn Probate and Administration Lawyer helps clients administer the estates of decedents who have died with a will or without, marshalling assets and insuring that the beneficaries receive their share of the estate.  Whether you are an executor, an administrator, or a beneficiary, our experienced estate attorneys can guide you through the long process so that you comply with the rules of the Surrogate's Court and New York State Law.

Divorce & Family Law (Contested & Uncontested)Divorce & Family Law (Contested & Uncontested)

In today’s world, no two families are exactly alike. This means personalized legal services are essential to protect the rights of you and your family. Alatsas Law Firm handles many different types of family law concerns for residents of Brooklyn and the surrounding areas, including prenuptial agreements, divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support. You can trust that we will guide you through the process of resolving your case and explain what is necessary to help you move forward with confidence.

Our Estate Planning ProcessOur Estate Planning Process

Our proven process helps estate planning clients plan their future with confidence.  Education is a key part of the process, with our informative workshop serving as a knowledge base off of which we can prepare an estate plan that reflects your wishes and goals.  At every step of the way, your input in the process is the most important part of the development of an estate plan that meets your needs.

Looking for a DIY Solution?Looking for a DIY Solution?

In addition to traditional, customized planning we are now offering online document creation. If you are interested in getting the essential legal documents you need to control your personal, financial, and health care decisions, this is a fast, economical, and convenient way to do so. You can create the following essential documents with Guidr: Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Documents.