A Manhattan Supreme Court judge recently granted Brooklyn woman, Ellanora Baidoo, the ability to serve divorce papers to her soon-to-be ex-husband, Sena Blood-Dzraku, via Facebook, according to National Public Radio. The reasoning behind allowing service through the social media site, according to the decision, includes New York’s domestic relations law allowing for the court to go beyond the particularly listed methods of service and devise one that is specific to the case, upon showing the traditional methods would prove impractical.

Other news reports noted the couple kept in touch via phone and Facebook. Baidoo’s attorney was unable to locate Blood-Dzraku – who has no fixed address, place of employment, and no Department of Motor Vehicles record – despite hiring a private detective.

NY’s Domestic Relations Law

 New York’s DLR specifically lists how a person can serve a divorce summons on a soon-to-be ex-spouse. These include:

  •  Personal delivery – this is the method of first resort and, if a plaintiff is unable to locate the defendant, then the following alternative options are permitted:
  • Substitute service – this involves delivering the divorce summons to a person of suitable age and discretion at the defendant’s actual place of business, dwelling, or usual abode;
  • Nail and mail – this requires placing the divorce summons at the door of the defendant’s actual place of business, dwelling, or usual abode in addition to mailing a copy of the papers to the defendant’s last known address or actual place of business; or
  • Publication service – the divorce summons is printed in a newspaper designated by the court, who grants this method upon a showing that service cannot be made by the other methods with due diligence.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper found that under the specific factors in this case, service by Facebook, “albeit novel and nontraditional, is the form of service that most comported” with the requirements under the law.

Divorce Attorney: Brooklyn NY

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