If breaking up was hard to do before the birth of the Internet, it has become even harder after our world became digitized. Beyond sharing real and personal property, bank accounts, and children, couples don’t realize how much digital data is shared during a marriage. If you or someone you know is facing divorce, contact an experienced NYC divorce attorney today.

Digital Media

For a majority of the population, digital assets have monetary as well as sentimental value. From family videos and photos to downloaded movies and music to online revenue-generating businesses, deciding how to divide these virtual possessions can be complicated. Although some divorces end amicably, others can go sour quickly. As with any divorce, cooperation and compromise is key. Because our lives are so intertwined with technology, digital content should be considered when entering or leaving a marital relationship.

A recent Pew Research Internet Project study found that almost 70 percent of Internet users in a committed relationship have shared their password to one or more account with their significant other. Almost 30 percent of couples that use the Internet have a shared email account. To avoid the risk of a divorcing spouse looking into the other’s private affairs, couples going through divorce should be aware of their electronic ties to one another.

Breaking Up is Hard

Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. eBay. Pinterest. Gmail. Text Messages. Technology can be a double-edged sword when it comes to divorce. Here are a few tips to help keep your sanity and your life after the break up.

  • Out with the old, in with the new – take everything from your email account, open a new one, and delete the old account.
  • Grab them before they are gone – make sure you get access to photos and videos that you would want to keep post divorce before you are unable to access them.
  • Stop being so social – everything you post on social media can be misconstrued during a divorce, especially if it’s a tumultuous break up.
  • Get unplugged – the need to be constantly connected is bad at any stage of life, but particularly during divorce as soon-to-be spouses are most vulnerable.
  • Set up digital boundaries – limit content between you and the divorcing spouse to necessary information, thinking twice before hitting the “send” button.

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