There are many misconceptions about prenuptial agreements, but contrary to what some people believe, a prenuptial agreement does not mean that you don’t truly love your spouse or that you’re not committed. What it does mean, however, is that you are taking an extra precaution to help protect assets or determine how they are distributed in the case of an unforeseen event. A prenup agreement is a smart move for many couples in a variety of different situations, and certainly not just for the rich and famous.

This article will help you decide the answer to the question, “Do I need a prenuptial agreement? and explain how a prenuptial agreement lawyer NYC can help make it happen swiftly.

Couples with Children from Prior Marriages

One common reason that couples choose to get a prenuptial agreement is if they have children from prior marriages. In the event of a spouse’s death without a prenup in place, property could be passed to children from a prior marriage rather to the current spouse in need of support. Alternatively, the surviving spouse could have access to all of the property, leaving nothing behind for the children. A prenuptial agreement lawyer NYC can help you make sure your property is passed down to the parties you want it to go to.

Couples Who Own Substantial Property

In the event of a divorce or unforeseen death, couples who own property, whether it is land, a home, or other major assets, can benefit greatly from a prenuptial agreement. It makes a lot of financial sense to determine in advance who should have control of property to avoid future disputes.

Couples Who Co-Own a Business

Many couples go into business with each other, which complicates matters in the event of a divorce. Consider getting a prenuptial agreement if you and your spouse share business interests that go beyond just being legally married.

Protection from Your Spouse’s Debts

When asking yourself “Do I need a prenuptial agreement? also consider the debts that both you and your spouse are bringing to the marriage, as well debts you are both likely to incur after the wedding day. Prenups are an effective way to provide protection for each other’s debts in a fair and legal way.

Clarification of Your Financial Rights and Responsibilities

Even if none of these situations apply to you, you may want to consider a prenuptial agreement simply to clarify your financial rights and responsibilities in a new marriage. This legal document can provide you with peace of mind that you know where you stand in case something expected happens in the future.

How to Approach the Topic with Your Partner

The topic of a prenup agreement is far from romantic, but finances are a huge part of marriage, and it’s important to have these conversations early. Well in advance of your wedding day, suggest the idea of a prenup and be honest about your financial situation and your concerns. Calmly and rationally approach the topic as you would discuss an insurance policy, because that’s really what a prenuptial agreement is – an insurance policy for your marriage.

Once you’ve had this initial conversation, contact a prenuptial agreement lawyer NYC to discuss what the legal document entails and what should be included in it. The Law Office of Theodore Alatsas, Esq. is highly experienced in drafting and filing prenuptial agreements to meet the needs of couples of all backgrounds, ages, and financial situations.

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