Going through divorce, child custody, or other domestic disputes is never an easy thing to endure.  You can end up feeling frustrated, angry, betrayed, and confused, and this does not help you prepare for and deal with the challenges and obstacles you may be facing.  When your domestic situations end up in front of a family court judge or magistrate, this can only make things worse, so you will want to have the calm, professional, and capable assistance of a qualified Brooklyn family lawyer by your side to help you navigate the often incomprehensible legal maze you’ve found yourself in.

When searching for a competent attorney to represent your interests in court, there are certain things you will want to know before making the decision to hire one.  Here are a few key points and questions to answer before choosing the right lawyer:

  1. How long has the attorney been licensed to practice law in your state?
  2. How long has the attorney been practicing family law?  As with the previous question, you want an attorney who has been seasoned by experience and education, to ensure that you receive the best possible representation.
  3. How much courtroom experience does he or she have with cases such as yours?  Try to avoid selecting an attorney who hasn’t spent much time handling issues in court that involve your specific domestic or family law situation.
  4. Does the attorney have a good professional reputation and are they in good standing with the American Bar Association?  You can check the ABA’s website for official censure and reprimand information that has been issued against an attorney.

Those four questions will get you started on the right path toward choosing a Brooklyn family lawyer that will best suit your needs, and you need not look any further than Alatsas Law Firm.  With decades of family law experience, we will provide you with attentive and compassionate handling of your sensitive personal details, as well as aggressive representation of your rights and interests in court.

Don’t handle difficult and exhausting domestic matters on your own.  Let the dedicated Brooklyn family lawyers at Alatsas Law Firm stand in your corner and fight for you. Contact us today at (718)-233-2903 so we can begin getting you the resolution you deserve.

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