In times of divorce or separation, an alimony lawyer in New York can provide legal divisions of your marital assets. Your alimony lawyer will assist you in determining what properties are considered marital or non-marital. Non-marital property is the property that you or your spouse brought into the marriage. Marital property is property that was jointly obtained during the union. New York is an equitable distribution state, which generally means that instead of each spouse acquiring half of all property, the non-marital property usually remains in the custody of the original owner. The marital property is the portion that is divided between you and your spouse as needed.

What You Need to Know

Several factors play into the division of marital property. These entitlements include the greater need for a home, projected financial situations, and length of marriage. An alimony lawyer will collect each spouse’s information as it pertains to properties, factor in what counts as marital or non-marital property, and initiate negotiations between the separating parties. The information and evidence will be presented before a judge, who will review the given information and use it to determine the distribution of properties.

Consulting with an alimony lawyer in New York can assist both you and your spouse in ensuring that neither individual comes away with more than needed or less than required. Alimony does not automatically come with every divorce. It cannot be granted without the initiation of an individual and hiring a lawyer for this process is the only way to ensure legal means to pursue alimony. You must provide the lawyer with as much information as possible to establish a solid case. Your lawyer will be arguing the case on your behalf and presenting related evidence and information to the court. The judge will then make the decision to either grant or deny alimony based on the evidence and arguments provided.

Going through a divorce can be an immensely stressful time. Making the decision to hire an alimony lawyer in New York can have positive effects on your personal financial outlook, building a foundation for you to regain stability. To find out what an alimony lawyer can do for you, call the offices of Alatsas Law Firm at (718)-233-2903 or fill out a contact form.

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