For couples involved in separation hearings, the holidays can be a source of tension, especially when children are involved, especially in the hustle and bustle of New York City. Here are some tips from a New York child custody attorney on how to get through the holidays with limited marital discourse, and to keep custodial arrangements from interfering with family traditions.

Reserve Arguments for Non-Holidays

Regardless of how angry you are with your spouse, it’s important to refrain from expressing that anger over holiday dinner. Work with your spouse to develop a contingency plan prior to the big day. If things are heating up between you and there seems to be no end in sight, agree that one of you will step outside, tactfully, as not to draw the attention of others, particularly your children or your in-laws, to the strife.

Time Apart

During the holiday season, a high emphasis is placed on the central family unit. Consider your children. Sometimes, being apart will enable the both of you to enjoy the holiday season and to encourage your children to do the same. Work with a New York child custody attorney to arrange for shared or split custody on the big days.

Avoid the Courts

If you and your spouse can agree upon the terms of your divorce, work with a New York child custody attorney to draft a settlement and make it official. This will spare you, your spouse and your children the heartache of a long, drawn out trial. With the paperwork aside, you can focus on what really matters.

Plan Ahead for Custodial Agreements

The holidays can either bring families closer together, or tear them apart. Even if your divorce will be finalized before the holidays, work with your spouse to determine where each child will be spending the holidays well in advance. If at all possible, arrange for everyone to be together on holidays of religious importance. If this is not possible, find a way for the children to enjoy both of your companies separately.

If you are in agreement with your spouse and wish to make small changes to the custodial agreement, Alatsas Law Firm can help. Call us at (718)-233-2903 or fill out a contact form.

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