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How Far Can a Parent Move with Joint Custody & Other Relocation Concerns

Child custody matters are often easiest when both parents live in the same city or at least nearby to share the responsibilities of raising a child. However, it occasionally becomes necessary for one parent to move away because of work, other family obligations, housing costs, or for other reasons. This article will address the question […]

How Long Does a Divorce Take and Factors That Affect Timing

Many people who contact Alatsas Law Firm seeking a divorce want their divorce to happen as quickly, painlessly, and affordably as possible. Yet finalizing a divorce can take just a few months or even several years depending on how complicated and messy your situation is. Here is some information about what to expect timing-wise when […]

The Causes of Elder Abuse and How to Prevent Them

According to the American Psychological Society, elder abuse is the infliction of physical, emotional/psychological, sexual or financial harm on an older adult. Elder abuse can also take the form of intentional or unintentional neglect of an older adult by the caregiver. Elder abuse has a variety of causes. It is important that family members and […]

How to Choose the Right Nursing Home in 4 Steps

Choosing a nursing home for a loved one is an important decision and should be carefully considered. It is important for families to take the time to explore nursing home options and to carefully assess the nursing home facilities in order to choose the best care for the loved one.  Below are some steps designed […]

The Truth About Drugs and Seniors

Many seniors are from a generation that, on the whole, still scorn drug abuse and stigmatize those people who engage in such activities. However, as the baby boomer numbers increase in senior living environments, they bring with them a more freewheeling attitude about drug use and misuse rooted in the culture of the 1960s and […]

The Dangers of a Springing Power of Attorney

Michael was having a wonderful time in Florida while he waited for his Texas house to close. Unfortunately, he took a bad fall and ended up in a Florida hospital. He had his Texas powers of attorney, but the problem was that they were “springing” powers. They were only effective if Michael lost capacity. Michael’s […]

Child Testimony in Family Court: Can and Should Children Testify at a Divorce Hearing?

Children often have the most vital information that is relevant to their parents’ divorce. But does that mean that a child testimony in family court should be included in your divorce hearing? This article will discuss whether minors can testify in court for a divorce, whether it is in their best interests to do so, […]

Understanding the Difference Between a Divorce Hearing vs. Trial

The divorce process involves many different steps, including filing a petition, serving a spouse, negotiating a settlement, and perhaps taking the matter to trial. Two important parts of this process are the divorce hearing and the divorce trial, which have some similarities but are also very different. Here’s an explanation of the difference between a […]

The Next Big Health Crisis: Dementia

Somewhere in the world, every three seconds, someone is being diagnosed with dementia. Dementia is a catchall phrase that refers to many types of neurodegenerative diseases. Neurodegenerative diseases bring about the onset of dementia including but not limited to: Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body dementia, Parkinson’s disease dementia, vascular dementia (currently the second most common form […]

Everything You Should Know About Trusts

This is a common question we hear. Read on for information to help figure out whether you need a trust and, if so, what kind fits your specific situation. For example, maybe you have a disabled child and you want a trust to permit that child to inherit without losing government benefits. Maybe your own […]