Going through a divorce is difficult on anyone, but most especially for a child. When the child is young it is not always possible to understand what is happening between the two parents, and it is exactly why the care of the child is so vital, moving on from the divorce. It is also why the upcoming custody battle is possibly the most important legal case parents may ever face in their lives, and it is why they need to seek out the very best New York child custody attorney. Without the very best, the verdict may not come down in the individual’s favor. Every method to prepare oneself for a child custody battle is essential, as undoubtedly the opposed side is doing the exact same thing.

Retain a New York Child Custody Attorney

The first step anyone needs to take in order to prepare for an upcoming child custody battle is to retain a New York child custody attorney.  Child custody lawyers in Brooklyn are there to help every step of the way. It is important to seek out a child custody attorney from day one, as they are there to help prevent any sort of slip ups or damages the former spouse is able to take advantage of. Under the guidance of the child custody attorney, winning the case becomes much easier.

Record Everything

It is necessary to take very good records when preparing for a child custody battle. A parent must write down every fine detail they find helpful. This ranges from what a spouse says to even if a spouse threatens the other. During the midst of a divorce this is common, but it is important to have proof. Having a digital voice recorder is very helpful when it comes to do. There are even applications available for smart phones that allow the recording of telephone calls. Save all text messages as proof, in case it comes down to it. A child custody lawyer in Brooklyn will make sure these files are organized and useful for any child custody legal proceedings.

Monitor the Child

It is important to monitor the child or children and document who has the best interest of the child in mind. This might be who lives in the same school district as the child, who participates in sports with the children and who makes sure the children eat healthy. All of these records are designed to show a person takes better care of their child than the other parent. However, without records it is not going to stick in court. So keeping records is essential to a successful child custody proceeding.

If you are fighting for your child’s custody, call the experienced New York child custody attorneys at Alatsas Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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