When seeking advice from a New York Child Custody Attorney be sure to inquire about the joint custody. There is no one more important in most parents’ lives then their children. Joint custody as such is a very important decision. There are pros and cons to both choices but it is important to weigh them all equally and seek sound legal advice from an experienced New York Child Custody Attorney.

Joint Custody Pros

  1. A pro of joint custody is it allows both parents to have an major impact on a child’s life as they grow up. With shared custody you are also able to make legal decisions for your child, as you are also a legal guardian. Joint custody also allows both parents have the right to have their child live in their home.
  2. Joint custody can also improve relations between you and your ex-spouse. Since most divorces are caused by issues between the parents a child is often the one thing that a divorced couple can agree upon. With the shared goal of doing what’s best for their child this means a divorced couple will be driven to be at very least non combative towards each other which improves the quality of life for all involved. However, as a New York Child Custody Attorney would note this only works in some cases.
  3. Shared custody results in sharing duties between parents. A single parent having to provide all the financial, emotional, and daily support for their child can be very stressful. By having these duties shared by both parents it can improve the quality of life not only for the child but the divorced parents as well.

Joint Custody Cons

An experienced New York Child Custody Attorney would note there are downsides. Joint custody does introduce a degree of instability into a child’s life, as they have to go back and forth between each parent’s home for visits. For younger children this lack of stability affects them more noticeably.

  1. Not every divorced couple is able to work together. In some cases joint custody just leads to more fighting and bitter parents using a child as a bargaining chip for petty revenge.
  2. Lastly, in some cases the split supervision may result in some of the child’s needs being missed or outright ignored.

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