Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media are having a greater impact on our lives now more than ever. People keep in touch with family and friends, network, and follow others. For someone seeking to file legal separation or divorce, social media is being used to find evidence of infidelity. There have been instances where spouses have discovered their partner was cheating by reading through their social media account. New York divorce lawyers have even begun using this technique to prepare for proceedings.

Just a Photograph

Posting photos and brief status updates on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook is something that has become very common in recent years. While a photo of you enjoying time with friends at a backyard barbecue or at a baseball game may seem very innocent, such a photo may become very damaging to your divorce case.

If you are shown holding an alcoholic beverage, this may be presented in court as you having a drinking problem and give your spouse more validity when filing a legal separation. What is shown in the background of the photo may also be used to imply you enjoy the company of those who engage in unsavory activities.

Hiding in Plain Sight

A divorcing spouse may claim not to own many assets, but a search of their Facebook or Twitter accounts may reveal information about trips to expensive locales or outings involving boats, motorcycles or luxury cars. Some of this information may found on the accounts of a spouse’s family and friends.

Those seeking to file legal separation or divorce may financially benefit by uncovering such evidence.

The Ultimate Betrayal

Social media can to the discovery of a spouse committing the ultimate betrayal; infidelity. While social media has allowed people to reestablish family ties and old friendships, others have found former lovers and rekindled romances. Even if the affair may not have begun via social media, the participants may use it to communicate online and arrange their illicit meetings.

The Most Important Need

Having an experienced New York divorce lawyer is vital to your divorce case. Such an attorney will have the skills to find evidence of any sort of spousal misconduct and will always work with their clients best interest as their top priority.

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