The crushing emotional impact of crippling debt can often be a driving force to a range of irrational and devastating decisions.  This is one of the underlying themes in the overwhelmingly popular Netflix series “Squid Game”.  In the series, a collection of desperately indebted individuals risks more than the average debtor to get out of their debts.  Without revealing too much of the plot, the characters put their lives on the line at the chance of winning a deadly lottery, freeing them of hundreds of thousands in debt.  For some of the characters, the debts have cost them their families, their careers, their homes, and their body parts.

If you are suffering from the emotional and financial strain of a debt burden so severe that you feel hopeless, there are certainly better options than those taken by the characters in “Squid Game”.  Filing for bankruptcy can be an option that sets you free from that burden.  History is riddled with the stunning comeback of so many who have gotten a fresh start after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. 

Desperation is an emotion that can be devastating, and the consequences may be severe.  Don’t live your own version of “Squid Game”.  Consider filing for bankruptcy as a means of getting the fresh start you deserve.

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