Are you a homeowner in New York wondering if you can qualify for Medicaid? Navigating Medicaid eligibility can be complex, especially with assets like a home. This guide will help you understand the essential criteria and strategies to qualify for Medicaid without compromising your home ownership.  Learn essential strategies to protect your home from Medicaid estate recovery.  Our expert attorneys at Alatsas Law Firm provide practical tips and legal advice to ensure your assets remain secure.Medicaid is a complex set of rules and exceptions

What is Medicaid in New York?

Medicaid is a federal and state program providing health coverage to eligible individuals with limited income and resources. In New York, Medicaid covers a range of services including doctor visits, hospital care, and long-term care, both in facilities and at home.

Chronic Medicaid vs. Community Medicaid: What Homeowners Need to Know

Chronic Medicaid

This program is designed for individuals requiring long-term care in a nursing facility. For homeowners, the property may not be counted as an asset if a spouse, dependent child, or another dependent relative resides in it. Understanding these conditions is crucial for homeowners who are assessing their eligibility for Chronic Medicaid.

Community Medicaid

Community Medicaid offers more leniency for homeowners. It allows individuals to receive care in their own homes or community settings without the sale of their home, as long as the equity value of the home is within Medicaid’s limits. This program is an excellent option for seniors who prefer to age in place.

How to Protect Your Assets and Qualify for Medicaid in New York

Proper asset management is key to qualifying for Medicaid. Strategies like asset spend-down, where you use excess assets for care-related expenses, or setting up a pooled income trust, can help align your finances with Medicaid’s asset and income limits.

Why Consult a Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney?

Navigating Medicaid’s complexities while protecting your assets can be challenging. Our Brooklyn Elder Law Attorney can provide tailored advice on asset protection and Medicaid planning, ensuring you make informed decisions about your healthcare and estate.


Understanding Medicaid eligibility for homeowners in New York requires a clear grasp of the different Medicaid programs and the specific rules regarding assets. With the right planning and legal advice, homeowners can secure Medicaid coverage while preserving their most valuable assets.

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