If you are a New Yorker and considering an annulment, it may do you well to hire an annulment attorney in New York City, namely for the fact that prior to an annulment, certain things need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, namely dishonesty.

Many people perceive an annulment to be a lesser form of divorce. It’s not. It’s a legal process whereby the marriage is completely expunged, like it never existed in the first place. There are key differences between an annulment and a divorce.

Some reasons that an annulment might be granted are as follows:


If a spouse lied about her age and was not old enough to get married, an annulment might be granted. Further to that, a spouse may have been infertile or married prior to having taken his or her vows. According to an annulment attorney New York City, as long as this information was deliberately concealed, there would be grounds for annulment.

Lack of Communication

An annulment might be granted if both parties were not in agreement as to whether or not to produce offspring, but this was not discussed prior to entering the marriage.


If a spouse refused to disclose the fact that they had children, impotency or a sexually transmitted disease prior to taking their vows, the state might consider an annulment.

Another circumstance under which an annulment might be granted is if a spouse cannot or will not consummate the marriage, though the laws vary from state to state.

In order to prove grounds for an annulment, witness testimony is generally required. Also, each party will be required to write an essay expressing their wishes for an annulment, supported by detailed explanations as to why.  Final review could take up to a year and a half, but a good annulment attorney in New York City can speed up the process for you.

In the wake of your annulment, your marriage is expunged. For all practical purposes, you never met your spouse, and legally, you are no longer bound to each other. If you are considering an annulment there is no minimum amount of time you had to have been married, unlike a divorce.

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