Divorce filings tend to increase in January, March, and August. Why these three months? January signifies a new year and a fresh start. March and August are popular because it is believed that many couples try to reconcile over Valentine’s Day and the summer, only to face the inevitable breakup of their marriages.

When is the best time to divorce? There is no perfect month or day to meet with your divorce lawyer and start the process. It all depends on your specific situation. Each marriage is different. You may be financially stable or not. Maybe you are childless or maybe you have five kids. Perhaps you have a mansion and several vacation homes, or you rent an apartment and live paycheck to paycheck.

Your decision to divorce will also depend on the problems you are facing in your marriage. Is domestic violence an issue? How are your finances?

With the start of a new year, is now the right time to divorce or should you wait? Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

When is the Best Time to Divorce Financially?

 When deciding to divorce, try not to be led by your emotions. This can be hard, but you need to focus on what is important — your finances. When you divorce, you will be on your own financially. You may receive child support and alimony, but for the most part, you will be responsible for paying your own bills. This includes rent, food, medical expenses, utilities, and transportation.

Therefore, you will need to start saving up, if you have not already. Ideally, you will have enough to fund your monthly expenses plus your divorce, which, on average, will cost roughly $15,500. This means opening up your own bank account and establishing credit cards in your name only.

Divorce is a huge decision, so do not jump the gun. Be prepared and start saving toward your goal of freedom.

When is the Best Time to Divorce With Kids?

It is hard enough to deal with the aftermath of divorce; adding kids to the mix can make things much more complicated. Many couples agree that they have issues, but vow to stay together until the kids turn 18. However, if your kids are still in elementary school, that can be a long time to wait.

As a general rule, older kids tend to handle divorce better than younger ones, so technically, the longer you can wait, the better. Younger children do not understand divorce and rely more on parents.

What if there are situations in which you can no longer stay with your spouse? Maybe your child is being abused or neglected by the other parent or perhaps you are a victim of domestic violence. In any type of emergency situation, the safety of you and your children comes first. It is better that you protect them from abuse than protect them from divorce. Leave the home and seek a restraining order.

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Let’s face it: There is never really a good time to divorce. No matter how much you prepare, a divorce will always impact the spouses and kids to some degree. However, by thinking things through, you can be better prepared for the road that lies ahead.

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