Our client is a mother of two young children, and married her spouse for 10 years. During the last three years, our client was the victim of numerous incidents of physical and verbal abuse, oftentimes in front of the children. Our client had given up a successful job as an administrative assistant in order to take care of the children, while her spouse controlled the family finances. During the most recent physical attack, her spouse struck her, causing her to fall to the ground. Fearing for her safety, she did not call the police, and even delayed calling an attorney to help her. After contacting Alatsas Law Firm, our client expressed concern for her safety, and for the safety of her children. She needed help. Immediately, we filed for an order of protection, and an order excluding her spouse from the home, both of which were granted. The spouse was removed from the home, and our client and the children remained in the house until the case was over. We obtained temporary support for both her and the children, and eventually, she obtained half of her spouses pension and bank accounts. She obtained a lucrative package of child support, spousal support and sole legal custody of the children. Once we were able to get her out of immediate danger, our client was empowered to make the right decisions for her and her family. At Alatsas Law Firm, we view our role as making our client the hero of their own story, and we are the guide on their journey.


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