Our client is a NYC school teacher, married mother of two children. Her husband, permanently disabled as a result of employment related injuries, has been out of work for 10 years. Our client is the sole source of income for the family. Having had a number of setbacks, she accumulated significant credit card debts, and, despite taking a number of pension loans, was unable to get out from under the massive debt and high payments. She came to Alatsas Law Firm looking for a fresh start. After evaluating her income, debts and assets, we recommended a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and assured her that she would be able to retain her pension, retirement accounts, as well as her car. Within a few days, our team had her petition ready and, after a few more days, her petition was filed and her fresh start had begun. Our client was able to discharge nearly $80k in credit debts and loans, while maintaining her car. She was able to get the fresh start that she and her family deserved.