Our client and her husband were married over 30 years, but their relationship had always been one of inequity. The husband controlled the finances, belittled our client and spent the parties’ money lavishly and with disregard. About 10 years prior to filing for divorce, our client was about to file when she learned that her husband had been diagnosed with stage 4 living cancer. As a loyal wife, she decided to stay in the relationship, often assisting him with his treatments, earning money to support the family, and helping him with his physical needs. Her husband repaid her loyalty by engaging in an extramarital affair with an aide at the treatment center he was attending, eventually leaving her only a few weeks prior to filing for divorce. That’s when our client came to see us. She was worried about her house, which was gifted to her nearly 30 years prior to filing, and after she and her husband were married. Concerned that her husband would come after the house based on his years of being the primary breadwinner and helping with the maintenance of the house, we assured her that we could protect her, and, after establishing our case, on the eve of trial, she agreed to a settlement amounting to less than 5% of the total value of the house. During the divorce proceeding, she gained confidence, knowing we had her back. She made herself into a regional manager at a national dental office chain, among other positive changes in her life and to her lifestyle. Our client took charge of her life, and we helped her do it.


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