Our client, a Chinese immigrant working as a housekeeper in a low budget hotel, was the victim of multiple incidents of emotional and physical abuse from her husband. With three children, and little knowledge of the English language, she was reluctant to take action, until her husband chased her mother from their home with a weapon. Our client obtained an order of protection after criminal charges were filed. With a two family home as the sole remaining asset, and 3 minor children, she needed to maintain the residence as long as possible. At trial, our client received more than 80% of the home, which was sold, as well as child support, after we successfully proved that property her husband claimed to be separate, was actually gifted to them, eliminating his right to recoup the entirety of the gift. We were also able to prove that he failed to adequately support the family during the time while the case was pending, and now our client received every dollar she was entitled to, plus her attorneys’ fees. Our client came to us needing help, not knowing where to turn – but we helped get her out of danger, opened up her options, and helped rebuild her family. Now she lives in a new home, without a mortgage, and her kids are safe from harm.


Ted Alatsas
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