Stop elder disability discrimination.It’s an unavoidable truth. Eventually, the effects of aging will change how we go about our daily lives. While we all deserve to be treated fairly regardless of age or disability, that’s not always how things actually play out.

Types of Discrimination Experienced by Disabled Senior Citizens in New York

Managing day-to-day activities and handling financial woes is often difficult enough for seniors even before discriminatory behavior adds an extra layer of frustration. The good news is that an elder law attorney can help with legal issues of discrimination as well as planning ahead for the future effects of a disability. 

Specifically, a lawyer can assist senior citizens who have physical or mental health disabilities and face discrimination in these key areas:

  • Employment. Companies specifically aren’t allowed to deny employment or fire an elderly employee because of a disability. They are also required to provide reasonable accommodations to disabled employees like wheelchair ramps, handicapped parking, or documents with larger fonts. If these rules are violated, you may need to file a lawsuit against an employer to recover damages. 
  • Housing. Federal law prevents discrimination in housing based on disability. New York state rent laws additionally offer a shield for senior citizens who are either disabled or on a fixed income. If your elderly loved one is having trouble with housing, an experienced elder law attorney can help you apply for a rent freeze or prevent an eviction.
  • Medicaid/Medicare. These programs are often critical tools for senior citizens to get the medications and treatments they need, but the paperwork is complicated and they may not actually receive the full range of benefits they deserve. Talk to a legal professional to find out if your elderly loved one should be receiving additional benefits, as well as to plan ahead and avoid roadblocks with Medicaid’s five-year lookback period if they need coverage for nursing home costs.
  • Public services and transportation. An attorney can help connect you with state and local programs that provide transportation for disabled seniors or assist in covering costs for public transportation. In some cases, you may need to consult an attorney if public transportation services fail to provide accommodations to a senior citizen with mobility issues.  

Contact an Attorney If You Suspect Disability Discrimination 

Do you have an elderly relative who isn’t getting the help they need? Call or message us to schedule a free consultation. We want to help find the right path forward to protect your disabled loved one.