Young people need a healthcare power of attorney.While most people realize they will eventually need some sort of major medical care later in life, not many have the foresight to plan for unexpected illnesses while still young. If you aren’t married and don’t have adult children, there can be confusion over who should be consulted about treatment plans. That’s where a healthcare proxy comes into play.

Why Medical Power of Attorney Is Important for Young People in New York

If you were incapable of communicating your wishes because of a mental or physical condition, who would be in charge of your care? Putting together advance medical directives and granting healthcare power of attorney to someone you trust ahead of time takes out the guesswork. Whoever you designate as your proxy can decide how you should be treated based on what they know of your values. 

Granting healthcare power of attorney is particularly important if you have strong feelings about certain types of treatment, such as if you want (or don’t want) to be put on life support or use a feeding tube, or if you would prefer not to receive blood transfusions. Even if you don’t have any special religious medical restrictions, it is still important to have someone selected ahead of time to be consulted on your healthcare in the event of an emergency. 

With the help of a skilled attorney, this document can be crafted so it only takes effect if you can’t make important medical decisions for yourself. In other words, setting up a power of attorney doesn’t hinder your ability to make your own healthcare choices in normal circumstances during a doctor appointment or a visit to the ER. 

Granting power of attorney is about more than just prepping for a catastrophic injury, however. These types of advanced directives can also be useful for allowing your parents to ask for information about your treatment if you want them to continue to have that ability after turning 18. Obviously, granting these legal powers to your mother or father may not be appropriate in all family situations. Power of attorney doesn’t have to be granted to parents and can be given to someone else instead, like a friend or other relative.

Prepare for the Future With an Estate Planning Attorney

No matter your age, you should speak with a lawyer to decide on the right person to oversee your medical treatment if you are in an accident or develop a serious health problem. Talk to Alatsas Law Firm about whether you need a medical power of attorney, a living will, or other medical directives in your unique situation.