How to Check Your Divorce Status Online

To check on the status of your case, you will need your Index number, or, you can search by your last name.  Click on to the link below, and enter the information requested.

How Long Does the Average Divorce Take?

What can I expect in a contested divorce?  Here is a general timeline as to how a contested divorce might proceed.  Please understand that each case is different and that the timelines set forth in the attached are merely a guide.

What are the Effects of Divorce on Children?

To learn more about the impact of divorce on children, coping with family issues, and relating to your child or children during a divorce, and after, here is an available resource for you to read:

For more information on how to help your children cope with the effects of divorce read our blog addressing this concern.

For Parents Involved in Custody Disputes

Sometimes parents in the middle of a custody dispute, have difficulty communicating.  Here are some applications available to parents to help manage their visitation and parental access schedules, communications and notes relating to their children:

Domestic Violence Family Law Concerns

If you are a victim of domestic violence, here are some available resource and helpful links:

Online Net Worth Statements

Statement of Net Worth a client can fill online:

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