From the moment that we entered the door through every process until the moment we left there was a feeling of care and kindness, efficiency and warmth. My wife and I were there for the Will and Trust seminar. We had been to one in the past but we felt as if we were being pushed into a decision, not here. I was very happy with Mr Alatsas' presentation. He took his time and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. At the end of the presentation he said that anyone could make a follow up appointment at no charge and with no expectations if needed and the rest is history. We are now full fledged clients. We have had a pain free process making a will, a living trust, power of attorney etc. Throughout the process we were treated with care, respect, patience and warmth. I would recommend this firm 100%. BTW my granddaughter is in the process of buying a co-op and we are using the Alatsas Firm for the closing. They are the best.Philip R.