Divorce affects not only the couple but the entire family. One sad reality of a couple choosing to go their separate ways is the question of child custody. Some couples are amicable enough to agree on how they will share custody of their children. For others, it becomes a matter to be settled in court.

Different states have different laws. If you are in New York and find yourself facing such a situation, it is advisable to engage the services of a New York child custody lawyer. Legally, having child custody refers to being the provider of a child. A parent with sole child custody makes all the decisions about the child until they reach legal age.

Different Cases, Different Solutions

In some cases, it is best that one parent becomes the sole custodian of the children. It is best for children that both parents remain in their lives but in some cases, this is not possible or it is not best for the children. If this is the case, the New York child custody lawyer will be able to present the facts of a court case so a decision can be made in the best interests of the child.

A good example for single parent custody is when the other parent has violent tendencies. Another is when the other parent is unable or unwilling to work with the other parent in supervising and raising the child. In other cases, the other parent may be unavailable physically because they reside in another location.

Children can’t say much about decisions about who will be their sole custodian. It is advisable to let them stay in touch with the other parent if they so wish. This helps them to cope with the new situation they find themselves in. If the parent who has custody agrees, then the New York child custody lawyer can help to set this up.

Another arrangement that the attorney can help to set up is visitation if this is granted by the courts or if the parent who gets custody is agreeable to it. Visits will usually be supervised by child welfare or court officers.

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