The full effects of divorce are often not realized until the divorce is in process. In addition to the divorcing parties, children, pets and extended family will also feel the effects of divorce. An individual cannot fully anticipate what the entire divorce process will hold for them as it is never an easy thing to go through, even when it is the best decision for all involved. divorce in new york


Though money can increase or decrease after a divorce, few will come out of it extremely profitable. The amount of money after the divorce will depend on how the income and expenses were managed prior to the divorce. There are different financial implications of divorce and there are factors that determining the dividing of assets, such as 401(k) and retirement funds and that determine spousal support. Children may have a particularly difficult time understanding the results of financial adjustments if they enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle prior to the divorce.

Social Anxiety

One of the most obvious effects of divorce is the sudden change in marital status. If one is not used to going out alone, it can be a challenge to date or even meet new friends again. One may feel the need to make new friends, if most of the friends prior to the divorce or also friends with their former spouse. Many divorcees feel social anxiety and avoid gatherings as they worry whether their former partner will also be in attendance.

Children’s Behavior

Often, parents can correlate their child’s outbursts or poor performance in school directly with the timing of their divorce. It is important for parents to remember that children may have difficulty expressing their feelings, and instead their hurt and confusion may show up in the form of anger and defiance. Supporting children through the divorce process is key. It’s important to keep the child involved in holiday planning and other decisions that effect them.  Children should never feel that the divorce is their fault or that they must decide between parents.


Even in cases in which both parties agree that a divorce is the best solution, the effects of divorce are particularly evident in one’s emotions. Recently divorced individuals may suddenly feel self-conscious about their appearance, being alone in public doing activities that they used to with their former partner. It is important to acknowledge and accept these feeling as they are part of the process.

Taking time to prepare the divorce settlement and knowing what you want from the divorce ahead of time will make the process smoother. Whether contemplating divorce or going through it, each individual should consider the effects of divorce before it is finalized.

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