If you are going through a divorce and kids are involved, you may be going through a child custody battle with your ex-spouse. Your ex-wife may claim you are abusive and prohibit you from seeing the kids. Your ex-husband may try to take sole custody of the kids, even though you were the primary caregiver.

Divorces can sometimes get messy, and unfortunately, the children often get caught in the middle. Do not let this happen in your case. Courts will look at various factors to determine which parent should win a child custody case. To increase your chances, follow this guide.

How to Win a Custody Battle

The courts are looking out for the child, not the wishes of the parents. They want the child to be raised in a stable home and are therefore looking at a variety of factors, such as the parents’ employment, personality, physical and mental health, and relationship with the child. If you want to win a custody battle, here are some things to consider.

  • Show a willingness to work with your ex-spouse. You are divorcing and likely feeling all sorts of negative emotions. You may feel like badmouthing your ex. However, resist the urge to do so. Some parents have actually lost custody of their children due to their inability to work with the other parent and often take part in parent alienation. You both are the parents and should do what you can to work together, so at least be civil.
  • Make a good first impression. When attending court, be polite, dress appropriately and arrive on time. First impressions count, so give the impression that you are a competent parent.
  • Request an in-home evaluation. If your ex claims your home is unfit for the children, request an in-home evaluation. This should not be an issue if you have nothing to hide. The judge can then make a decision based on the results of the evaluation.
  • Do not engage in substance abuse. Judges are often unwilling to award custody to parents who have drug or alcohol issues.
  • Do not disobey the judge. If the judge asks you to do something, do it. If you are ordered to attend classes or go to counseling, make sure it gets done. This will show the court how committed you are to your children. If you refuse to do it, it gives the judge a worse opinion of you, which will not help your case.
  • Do not lie. Some parents make up stories about the other parent in order to put them in a negative light and make them seem unfit. The judge will not award you custody if you can not be honest.

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It can be difficult to divorce and provide stability for children. Therefore, judges carefully make child custody decisions. They look at the best interests of the child and therefore they support the parent who will look out for the child’s best interests and provide them with a stable home.

Winning a child custody battle is not an easy task, but having an advocate on your side can make the process less stressful. Brooklyn family law attorney Theodore Alatsas ESQ understands child custody law inside and out and can help you make the right decisions. To schedule a consultation, contact our office at (718) 233-2903 today.

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