Divorce can be brutal. Emotions may run high during this time and wounds often heal slowly after the dust settles. Some former couples, but not many, are able to part ways amicably and move on. Joint custody arrangements can be draining after a highly contested divorce, making shared decisions on child rearing even more difficult to agree upon. Nevertheless, agreeable interaction with a former spouse – no matter how difficult this may be – is essential to ensuring the needs of all are met. If you or someone you know is facing divorce, contact a knowledgeable and skilled New York child custody attorney right away.

New York Custody Attorney: Tips To Get Through Tough Times

Whether your divorce was more like a stressful roller coaster ride or a nice smooth road trip with the car set on cruise control, below are seven steps to being a better parent after divorce. In the end, what’s important is the emotional health and well-being of the children – whether or not the former spouses want to play nice.

  1. Take a Step Back – taking time to assess your own behavior (and how it’s affecting the children) is just as important as analyzing the actions of your former spouse.
  2. Be Intentional – the likelihood of having to interact with a former spouse if children resulted in the marriage is extremely high, so show your intentions to be involved for the long haul.
  3. Focus on Strengths – the characteristics that made former spouses complement one another haven’t completely vanished because of separation and, as such, these should be used in order to better manage post-divorce life.
  4. Cooperation is Key – establishing a cordial relationship will effectuate cooperation as the emphasis will remain on how much each parent loves the children and not on the amount of hate manifested for one another.
  5. Neutral Support System – keeping the comments of outside help to yourself will help with emotional sanity among the spouses and the children.

New York Child Custody Attorney to Help With Transitions

A New York child custody attorney can help you during this transitional and difficult time in your life. The details of a child custody agreement are arrived at by following thorough concerns of numerous factors. The reason for this is that a child custody agreement is a legally binding agreement, purposed for creating permanent stability for the child or children involved. Because competence and detail are key, contacting a New York child custody attorney prior to making decisions is vital. The attorneys at Alatsas Law Firm serve the Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and Long Island areas with years of family law experience. Call today (718)-233-2903 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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