Unemployment rates in New York City have skyrocketed from a historic low to staggeringly high numbers that reflect the fact that so many people have been laid off of work due to COVID-19. The Center for New York City Affairs has found that unemployment is between one-third and one-half more in Brooklyn Queens, and the Bronx compared to Manhattan. And the City Comptroller’s office has estimated that unemployment rates are twice as high for people who are Black, Latino, and Asian in New York compared to White workers here.

This article explores the important things to know about NYC unemployment and obtaining the unemployment benefits NYC that you need.

The End of the Additional $600 Benefit

Many Americans who are out of work have been receiving an extra $600 for Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, but that is about to change very soon. This additional benefit is ending at the end of July, which is expected to be a major blow to many unemployed people who have been depending upon this money to survive.

The Impacts of This Benefit Discontinuation

this extra $600 benefit was part of a $1.8 trillion package of the CARES Act that Congress passed to help Americans get through the economic effects of the COVID-19. It has provided crucial assistance to many people who are out of work, and it is expected that Americans who are already struggling financially will have to cut back on costs even more, that there will be increased evictions, and even more late payments. In the larger scheme of things, this may make it even harder for the American economy to bounce back from its current downward spiral.

What’s Next After the $600 Benefit

When the extra unemployment benefits end, many New Yorkers will be scrambling to make ends meet and to keep bill collectors away. It is not clear whether Congress will renew the program or provide another type of additional benefits program as the pandemic continues. Therefore, it will be necessary for many unemployed New Yorkers to seek other employment at essential businesses and perhaps put their health and safety at risk while doing so.

Job Industries Looking to Hire During the Pandemic

Fortunately, there are a good number of industries that are still doing well during the pandemic and looking to hire new employees in New York. With so many people avoiding stores and shopping online, shipping and delivery companies are hiring. With schools staying closed and more parents having to homeschool their children, online learning companies are hiring during the pandemic. Other industries to consider for a new job are grocery stores, grocery and food takeout delivery services, remote communication companies, and eCommerce businesses like Amazon. Call centers, pharmacies, convenience stores, and home improvement stores continue to do well in the current economy and are other places to consider looking for new employment.

Legal Help for the Unemployed

If you have suddenly become unemployed due to the coronavirus, you may need legal help for a variety of reasons. At Alatsas Law Firm, we can help you protect your assets, create a will or trust, or handle family law matters that may need extra attention right now.

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