Our Knowledgeable NY Attorney Explains the Benefits of Obtaining Legal Counsel to Handle Your Divorce

No one gets married expecting to divorce, but sometimes even the best union doesn’t survive the challenges of married life. If you’re considering divorce, you may wonder if you should hire a divorce attorney to represent you and if it’s worth the cost. The cost of hiring a divorce lawyer

If you live in New York and want to help ensure that you get what you’re entitled to under New York law, it’s important to obtain legal counsel. The skilled attorney at Alatsas Law Firm, Theodore Alatsas, Esq., understands that divorce can be stressful and sometimes contentious. It’s also a life-changing decision. Having an advocate to help with your legal issues, answer your questions, and provide you with support can be invaluable. Here, our attorney explains the advantages of hiring a lawyer to handle your divorce.

Reasons to Hire a New York Divorce Lawyer

Hiring an attorney for any reason may seem daunting. You don’t know how they can help or how much you’ll have to pay for services. You may not understand if a lawyer is really necessary at all. But if you need a divorce and choose not to hire an attorney, you may find you’re unprepared for the potential pitfalls of the divorce process. Many people plan for a simple and amicable split, but emotions are often unavoidable, and you may face surprises that can be costly both in the short- and long term.

Good legal representation is important in a divorce. Having a trusted advisor who is experienced with the New York legal process for divorces is invaluable. You need someone on your side who understands how to prepare for and hurdle every obstacle that may come up. People with legal representation may have advantages over those who go without it, especially in a divorce. Our Brooklyn divorce lawyer discusses reasons why hiring a divorce attorney can provide benefits:

1. Legal experience. Divorce law in the state of New York can be complicated, especially when you need to divide assets, such as real estate and vehicles, and particularly when there are minor children in the marriage. Custody and alimony arrangements, shared parenting agreements, and your legal separation documents are deftly handled by experienced divorce lawyers.

2. Compassionate advocacy. Divorce isn’t just about legalities; it’s inevitably an emotional process. You may vacillate from anger to depression to a whole host of other emotions. As a trusted advocate, your lawyer can help make sure your representation proceeds on an even keel and decisions are not made quickly and emotionally. Attorney Alatsas works carefully with a thoughtful eye toward the future.

3. Negotiation skills. Divorce often involves negotiations on sensitive issues such as property division, child custody, and spousal support. A seasoned divorce lawyer is a master negotiator, working tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for you.

4. Avoids costly mistakes. A wrong move in your divorce proceedings could have long-lasting consequences. With a lawyer by your side, you minimize the risk of making costly errors that could jeopardize your future.

Risks of Handling Your NY Divorce by Yourself

It’s important to consider what’s at stake if you decide to handle your divorce without legal representation. While it might seem like a cost-saving measure upfront, the risks far outweigh any potential savings. Without an attorney, you may face risks with the following:

Division of Assets

Without a Brooklyn divorce lawyer to advocate for your financial interests, you could end up shortchanged in the equitable division of assets and debts. A lawyer will work tirelessly to help ensure that your retirement accounts, investments, real estate, vehicles, and accumulated debt are divided fairly and justly.

Custody of Minor Children

Child custody and child support are among the most contentious aspects of divorce. While putting the best interests of the children first should be at the forefront for both divorcing parties, history, grudges, and emotions can get in the way. Attempting to navigate these waters alone leaves you vulnerable to losing custody or visitation rights. A skilled New York lawyer will understand all local laws related to minor children and will fight to protect both your parental rights and the best interests of your children.

Other Potential Divorce Issues

There are many issues you can face when you choose to divorce—some of them unexpected and less than favorable. You may find your spouse has hidden assets; your spouse may fight you for custody of your pet; your spouse may lie about certain aspects of your relationship to gain custody of the children; or your spouse may want your children to attend an expensive private school. The possibilities are endless, and without an attorney, you will likely find it impossible to handle them and obtain a fair and equitable outcome. Without legal representation, you risk dealing with potential divorce issues you never saw coming.  

Protecting Your Future

When you question the value of hiring a divorce lawyer, consider it an investment in protecting your future. From safeguarding your rights to providing invaluable support during a challenging time, the benefits of obtaining legal representation in your divorce typically far outweigh the financial expenditure associated with retaining counsel.