Based on the strength and stability of the iconic pillars of Greek architecture, our 3 Pillars of Protection provide you with strength and stability necessary to secure your future with confidence.

What are the 3 Pillars?

The 3 Pillars of Protection are PRESERVE, PROVIDE and PROTECT.


                       Preserving the assets you've worked a lifetime to save.


                       Providing the help you with the help and guidance necessary to navigate life's most difficult challenges.


                       Protecting you and your family from lawsuits, judgments and garnishments.

How do the 3 Pillars of Protection work?






                  Our bankruptcy plan will isolate your exempt assets, so you don't lose them. 


                  Our bankruptcy plan will insure that you can take charge of your life and take the stress caused by your debtes                   away.


                  Our bankruptcy plan will protect you and your assets from lawsuits, garnishments and judgments.








    Divorce and Family Law




                     Our divorce and family law plan will isolate your separate assets, so that you don't lose them in a divorce.


                     Our divorce and family law plan will insure that you take charge of your life, and make the decisions that are                      best for you and your family.


                     Our plan will help shield your assets, where possible, and secure your future.







Estate Planning and Elder Law




              Our estate plans will isolate your assets so that you can be elligible for long-term care assistance.


              Our estate plans will insure that your assets go to who you want when you're gone, while letting you use them                    while you are alive.


             Our estate plans will shiled your assets from creditors, medicaid, and medical costs, so you don't lose them.

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