Divorce is a time of upheaval. There are uncertainties about property, finances and family issues. Changes in the family structure can create emotional upset for all involved.

Seek Guidance

While the divorce process can create several emotional issues, there are decisions that have to be made and actions taken with a clear mind. One needs the professional guidance of an attorney knowledgeable in all aspects of divorce.

For residents of New York City, retaining the services of an experienced Brooklyn family lawyer can be beneficial at this critical time. This is especially true if children are involved. Your attorney can advise you prior to the family court appearance so you know what to expect when that day arrives.

Work as a Team

Your Brooklyn family lawyer is knowledgeable about all aspects of divorce, child custody, and support laws. Their knowledge of the legal process in family court will help you navigate these complex laws. You and your attorney have a common goal: what’s best for you and your children.

Make a Good Impression

Although court cases should be decided solely on the facts of the case, the appearance and behavior of those appearing in court can influence the outcome of the case. Make sure that you are neatly groomed and wear dark, conservative clothing with long-sleeve shirts or blouses with closed-toe shoes. Emotions should be controlled as any sort of outburst can have a negative impact on outcome of your case.

Past Behavior is Considered

According to a Brooklyn family lawyer, your past behaviors will also impact the judge’s decisions. Any history of domestic violence will dramatically affect rulings on child visitation and custody. Incidents involving other types of disruptive behaviors or a history of substance abuse will also impact the outcome of a family court case.

The Child’s View

The judge will want to consider the feelings of the children regarding custody and visitation. They may speak to the child privately if he is old enough and able to comprehend the situation. If this is not the case, the judge may appoint a neutral law guardian to speak on behalf of the child.

Demonstrate Good Communication

You will be asked and expected to have good communications with the other parent. Be honest with your Brooklyn family lawyer about any information that can affect your case.

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