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Why Prenuptial Agreements Have Become More Common

Think prenups are only for the rich, famous, or woefully pessimistic? Think again! An increasing number of people from all age groups are looking at prenuptial agreements in a new light as they get smarter about the age-old concept of marriage and prepare for whatever life throws their way. Prenups Over the Decades A recent […]

How President-Elect Joe Biden’s Tax Plan Could Affect Your Assets

Now that Joe Biden is the president-elect of the United States, many people are looking to learn more about his tax plan and what it could mean for their financial situations. Each president has something different in mind when it comes to how individuals and companies should be taxed, and Biden’s plan will definitely affect […]

How to Prepare for Divorce to Ensure Your Assets Are Protected

There is a lot that goes into pursuing a divorce, such as gathering records, talking to a lawyer, opening new bank accounts, establishing your own credit, and inventorying the estate. But since so much of a divorce involves financial matters, one of the most important things to do is make sure your assets are safe […]

How Does a Prenuptial Agreement Impact Your Estate Plan?

George and Ginny had a great marriage, with an extended family to whom they wanted to leave everything when they passed. Unfortunately, Ginny was then diagnosed with cancer. She began to worry: What could happen if she died before George did, and George remarried? Or vice versa? What if the second spouse started pushing to […]

Why You Need a Power of Attorney Now More than Ever

It is beneficial for all seniors to create a detailed estate plan, regardless of how much money they have or what their family situation is like. Part of an effective estate plan is appointing a power of attorney, which is perhaps more important than ever now that we are in the midst of the COVID-19 […]

Baby Boomers Wield the Most Financial Power of Any Living Generation

The baby boom generation is comprised of those Americans born 1946-1964, and according to the US Census Bureau (Bureau of Census), their numbers are estimated to be 73 million strong. This number represents nearly 20 percent of the American public. As they enter their 60, 70, and 80th decades, their influence will help to guide […]

Why It Is Important to Routinely Check Your Estate Plan

You should check your estate planning documents every so often, to make sure they’re still good, especially with big life changes like births, marriages, divorces, and moving to another state. Children grow up, marriages dissolve, property gets sold, residences change. That’s why we recommend that you consult us for an estate-plan check-up every five years […]

What You Should Know About NYC Unemployment and Benefits During the Pandemic

Unemployment rates in New York City have skyrocketed from a historic low to staggeringly high numbers that reflect the fact that so many people have been laid off of work due to COVID-19. The Center for New York City Affairs has found that unemployment is between one-third and one-half more in Brooklyn Queens, and the […]

How to Protect Your Rights and Assets After a Layoff

Due to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of people are being laid off and fired from work and then suddenly finding themselves unemployed. Not only does a layoff affect your immediate income, but also many other aspects of life that you may not have even thought of yet. From our […]

What Tenants Need to Know About the Eviction Moratorium Due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down in pretty much every way, including for the residential housing market and the relationships between landlords and tenants. This is a big deal in New York City because about two-thirds of the city’s population (approximately 5.4 million people) are renters. If you are a landlord or a […]