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Read more on the complicated issue of child custody that Alatsas Law Firm believes are pertinent to anyone considering or already in a custody battle.

What is Custodial Interference?

When parents divorce, they usually must maintain contact with the ex-spouse, as they often share custody of their children. While some parents handle the situation amicably, some continue to carry animosity toward each other. They may argue over every little thing, including custody issues. In serious cases, these issues can lead to what is called […]

Child Custody Battle Tips

If you are going through a divorce and kids are involved, you may be going through a child custody battle with your ex-spouse. Your ex-wife may claim you are abusive and prohibit you from seeing the kids. Your ex-husband may try to take sole custody of the kids, even though you were the primary caregiver. […]

What is Parental Alienation Syndrome?

Child custody battles can be downright nasty, especially if one parent is trying to gain sole custody of the children and the other parent is trying to gain custody, as well. Parents may engage in a variety of tactics to alienate the child from the other parent and gain the title of “favorite parent.” Some […]

How do I Calculate Child Support in NY?

When a couple divorces and they have children, the court will decide on family law issues such as child custody and child support. These two elements are related, since one parent typically has custody of the children, while the other pays child support. If you have been ordered to pay child support, you may have […]

Taking a Child Out of State With and Without a Custody Agreement

Before you divorced, you may have been accustomed to traveling anywhere with your child. You may have traveled out of state numerous times. After a divorce, however, you no longer have that freedom. If you share custody of your children with the other parent, then you likely have a custody agreement in place that prevents […]

Can I Go to Jail for Not Paying Child Support?

If you have not been paying child support, you may be worried about going to jail. This is a  possibility. There is a wide range of penalties one can face, and jail time may occur in extreme cases. Read on to learn about jail time and other methods of child support enforcement. Some parents go […]

Can You Get Child Support From Someone in Jail?

As a single parent, you have probably tried many times to get the child support you are owed by your ex. It is not uncommon for parents to avoid their child support obligations. What if a parent truly wants to help his or her children financially, but cannot do so because he or she is […]

Child Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents

When a married couple with children divorces, it is automatically assumed that the husband is the father. As such, he is entitled to visitation and custody. When a couple who has never married has children and ends their relationship, things get a bit more complicated. Because the couple never married, it is not assumed that […]

If You Pay Child Support, Do You Have Visitation Rights?

In 2016, there were 827,261 divorces in the United States. Many of these divorces involve minor children. Parents who do not have custody of their children are often forced to pay child support. These monthly payments continue until the child turns 18. In many cases, the father is the one that pays child support to […]

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Child Support?

Unfortunately, not all relationships last forever. Ideally, the parties can move on and not have to deal with each other anymore. That’s not the case when children are involved, though. Whether you are married or single, if your relationship produces children, the reality is that one person will get custody of the children and the […]