Jesse Sharperson

Jesse Sharperson

Intake Specialist and Marketing Director
  • Theodore Alatsas
  • 2115 Avenue U, Brooklyn, New York 11229
  • 718-233-2903

From an incredibly early age Jesse Sharperson was taught that knowledge is power.  Having had the privilege of receiving rigorous education, Jesse gained practical knowledge and utilized the skills she learned in various areas of philanthropy.  Jesse has learned that having access to information is an essential building block to developing realistic expectations and making the right decisions.

At the Alatsas Law Firm, Jesse utilizes her communication and organizational skills, in assisting and providing clients with important information about the firm's service and practice areas, providing client updates and case management.  In her role as intake specialist, Jesse serves as the firm's initial client contact, gathers relevant intake data, and provides clients with document support and information as their matter progresses.

As the firm's Marketing director, Jesse disseminates information and knowledge to clients and prospective clients about the firm's legal services, coordinates the firm's social media program, and assists in the preparation for firm publications and workshops.

Among her varied interests is Jesse's flair for modern style, contemporary music, and modern culture.  Jesse is also outgoing and filled with positivity.  Among her communication skills is her ability to speak and read Mandarin Chinese.  Jesse's desire to help people fits with the Alatsas Law Firm mission of providing help to clients facing daunting challenges.