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Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trusts: Understanding What They Are and Their Differences

When it comes to estate planning, there are several different approaches you can take to ensure that your final wishes are carried out. Living trusts are important documents to consider, and there are two types to choose from. This article will describe the difference between a revocable and irrevocable trust so that you can make […]

Living Trust vs. Will: Understanding These Estate Planning Tools and Which to Choose

Many people are confused and overwhelmed by the estate planning process, and rightfully so! There are many different types of estate planning documents that you can execute to ensure that your assets are protected and your final wishes carried out. One common source of confusion is distinguishing the difference between a will and a living […]

How Far Can a Parent Move with Joint Custody & Other Relocation Concerns

Child custody matters are often easiest when both parents live in the same city or at least nearby to share the responsibilities of raising a child. However, it occasionally becomes necessary for one parent to move away because of work, other family obligations, housing costs, or for other reasons. This article will address the question […]

How Long Does a Divorce Take and Factors That Affect Timing

Many people who contact Alatsas Law Firm seeking a divorce want their divorce to happen as quickly, painlessly, and affordably as possible. Yet finalizing a divorce can take just a few months or even several years depending on how complicated and messy your situation is. Here is some information about what to expect timing-wise when […]

Child Testimony in Family Court: Can and Should Children Testify at a Divorce Hearing?

Children often have the most vital information that is relevant to their parents’ divorce. But does that mean that a child testimony in family court should be included in your divorce hearing? This article will discuss whether minors can testify in court for a divorce, whether it is in their best interests to do so, […]

Understanding the Difference Between a Divorce Hearing vs. Trial

The divorce process involves many different steps, including filing a petition, serving a spouse, negotiating a settlement, and perhaps taking the matter to trial. Two important parts of this process are the divorce hearing and the divorce trial, which have some similarities but are also very different. Here’s an explanation of the difference between a […]

What Is a Living Will, and How Does It Compare to a Standard Will?

One of the most crucial estate planning documents is a will, but there is also a legal document called a living will that is worth learning about. The Alatsas Law Firm can help you with both of these matters, and it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of what both documents entail […]

8 Types of Trusts You Can Establish with Estate Planning

There’s a misconception that estate planning is only for very wealthy individuals; however, essentially everyone can benefit from learning about how wills and trusts can carry out your wishes after your death. One valuable estate planning tool is trust, which is an arrangement in which a person gives property to another person to be held […]

The Basics of Generation Skipping Tax and How It Affects Estate Planning

In many instances, money that is passed down from one generation to the next is taxed heavily by the federal government, which can feel like an unfair burden for heirs. However, there is a way around this in the world of estate planning because of something called the generation-skipping transfer tax. This article will explore […]

Violating Child Custody Orders: What Parents Need to Know

Child custody orders are in place to ensure that the best interests of a child are put first when parents get divorced or are separated. However, matters become more complicated when one parent violates the child custody order by not sticking to the agreement that was established by the court. Here is some information about […]