In January of this year, New York society was shocked when it was discovered that the murder of hedge-fund manager Thomas Gilbert, Sr. was purportedly committed by his 30-year-old son. The Princeton graduate, who carries his deceased father’s namesake, had gone to his parents’ home and asked his mother to pick him up a sandwich. When she returned due to having a “bad feeling”, she found her 70-year-old husband dead on the floor, a bullet wound in his head and a gun resting on his chest held by his left hand. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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A History of Turmoil

Gilbert, Jr. had been arrested in the past for a drug-related offense and had a protective order filed against him by a former friend whom he allegedly assaulted. Records show Gilbert, Jr. violated the police order and two weeks later, the assault victims’ family home in a posh enclave in the Hamptons was burned down in a suspected arson.

According to reports, Gilbert, Jr. not only had several run-ins with the law during his life but also had difficulty being self-sufficient. Attending the best preparatory schools in the city, and eventually Princeton, Gilbert, Jr. stands six-feet three-inches tall and could easily grace the cover of a magazine. Despite his good looks and privileged upbringing, the family was experiencing financial difficulties and Gilbert, Jr. was being supported by his father – paying his rent and even given a weekly allowance – despite his 30 years of age.

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It has been speculated that Gilbert Jr. was upset that his father was attempting to pull back on the allowance and rent that he provided his son on a monthly basis. With the growing pressure to maintain appearances in New York high society, Gilbert Jr. seems to have cracked.

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