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Can Anyone Other Than Parents Get Custody of a Child?

When many people think of child custody, the parents are often some of the first people to come to mind—as they should. Parents play important roles in the lives of their children. Courts want to keep the best interests of the children in mind, so they try to keep children with their parents if possible. […]

401(k) and Divorce: Guide to Splitting Retirement Funds

When you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, all marital property is subject to split. This includes not only the house, cash, cars, furniture and other possessions, but also retirement funds as well. If you or your spouse has a pension, 401(k), IRA or other type of retirement plan, it will likely need […]

How Long Do You Have to Be Married to Get Spousal Support?

If you are in the process of getting a divorce and have a limited income, alimony may be on your mind. Alimony, also known as spousal support, gives money to the spouse who earns less money so he or she can get back on their feet. This money helps spouses get the training and skills […]

Understanding Child Custody: Primary Custody vs. Sole Custody

Divorces can be complicated, especially when children are involved. Two main issues are child support and child custody. There are several types of custody that a parent can get. Physical and legal custody are two main types of custody, but you may also hear your lawyer discuss two specific terms: primary custody and sole custody. […]

How to Protect Inheritances for Future Generations

You’ve worked hard to acquire your assets, and now that you’re getting older, you’re considering an estate plan. You want to pass down an inheritance to children and grandchildren, and while that’s a noble act, it’s easier said than done. Many people leave inheritances to family members, but rarely do they last. Inherited wealth may […]

Can You Sue for Divorce?

You may have done everything you could to save your marriage. You tried counseling and you put 100 percent into your marriage every day, but you and your spouse still cannot get along. The stress is building up and you decide that divorce is your only way out. You file your divorce, only to have […]

The Many Effects of the Proposed Tax Plan

President Donald Trump has recently proposed a tax plan that will affect virtually all Americans in some way. From estate planning to retirement to tax deductions to cutting important programs such as Medicare,. The plan has been deemed unjust by many, but no matter what Americans think of it, it may soon become the law […]

Child Custody Schedules During the Holidays

If you’re celebrating your first holiday season after a divorce, you may be wondering about the typical holiday schedule for divorced parents. The truth is: there is no typical schedule. Parents who share custody of their children often work together to create schedules that fit their needs and desires. While sometimes the court will step […]

How to Discuss Signing a Prenuptial Agreement with your Partner

If you are currently engaged, you might be thinking about how to bring up a prenup with your partner. A prenuptial agreement is a document you can sign before your marriage that outlines how your assets will be divided in the event of your divorce or one partner’s death. It can also provide guidelines for […]

Legal Separation in New York

An unhealthy marriage does not always end in divorce. In some cases, the couple decides that legal separation is the more suitable choice for them. This could be because the couple needs to stay married for one partner to continue to receive healthcare or other benefits, they are not sure if divorce is the right […]